Handmade Catnip Mice

I started making catnip mice because I wanted a toy for my cats that had natural, healthy components and I could be happy about where and how they were made. I was given so much joy from witnessing their bliss, I wanted to share my catnip mice with other cats.

  • Handmade locally
  • Recycled fabric
  • Wool yarn
  • Organic cotton batting
  • Organic catnip

If I didn't have a solid relationship with my cat, I could get jealous when he plays with his all-natural, long-tailed organic mouse. He licks it and licks it and licks it, pushes his face against it, and attacks it with pure delight! The majority of the other toys I've bought over the years are exiled to a wicker basket unloved and unused; not these mice -- they're loved to pieces.

- Laura, owner of Luna

It takes a compelling reason for my chubby kitty to consider exercising on purpose. These handmade catnip mice do the trick! She loves running after them, having a good chomp, and drifting off to her happy place.

- Sarah, owner of Emerson